The Sisterhood Shines at Women's Marches Around the Globe - Geek Girl Rising

The Sisterhood Shines at Women’s Marches Around the Globe

Awesome sign in SF in LED lights!

Like many of you, the team behind Geek Girl Rising spent the day after the presidential inauguration marching with millions of women waving irreverent and powerful placards, donning pink hats, and rising up to say we are here, we are for tolerance, kindness and yes, we are feminists with a capital “F.”  It was a defining moment both for us personally but in particular in the life of this project. To see daughters, moms, grandmothers, aunts, and girlfriends (and their male allies) take to the streets in such overwhelming numbers, it felt like the Geek Girl movement we spent so much time researching had literally leaped off the page.  This was the sisterhood we discovered bubbling up all around us when we ventured to Houston to experience the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the largest gathering of tech women in the world; when we covered angel investor Joanne Wilson’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Festival in New York City; when we immersed ourselves in the Women’s Startup Lab in Menlo Park, California; when we spent an evening in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University where we met the college students mentoring the next generation of engineers; when we journeyed to Chattanooga, TN to meet the JumpFund and its members funding woman-led tech startups across the Southeast; when we met the amazing teen girls who competed in the #BUILTBYGIRLS challenge in San Francisco and on and on.  They are all about lifting each other up and have a deep sense of responsibility to help each other.  That’s what we saw typified in the faces of the marchers everywhere we went.

I (Heather) marched with my synagogue (a group of nearly 100) along with some of my very best friends in Manhattan.  Arriving in Grand Central Station gave us goosebumps as we stepped off the train and into a sea of pink wool hats. It was something else.

One of Heather’s favorite signs in NYC

Sam spent her Saturday with her friend Karenna at the march in San Francisco. Her mom and sister-in-law did their part in Denver.

Sam and Karenna in SF

Our fearless literary agent, Lisa Leshne, boarded a bus from NYC in the wee hours of Saturday and headed for the nation’s capital with a #GIRLGANG from all over the city.

Lisa and her NYC #GIRLGANG take the Mall

And Nadine Gilden, our talented web designer and social media guru, also spent the day with the 400,000 of us who marched in the Big Apple.  It was a day of activism and unity.  We can’t wait to see what the sisterhood does next to advance the cause of women’s rights.

Nadine Gilden and her “Pug Squad” in NYC

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