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Telegraph Academy

12-week coding school that aims to teach software engineering to underrepresented minorities and create a network of tech workers of color. Tuition deferral program lets students finance tuition costs through lending partners.

Floodgate Academy

A year-long training program that teaches the skills needed to become a developer operations engineer. Program is free and aims to create a pipeline of dev ops engineers from underrepresented communities.

General Assembly

A private school that offers short courses, online classes and immersive 10- and 12-week 'boot-camp' style courses in computer programming, data science, and project management, with an emphasis on web development and user experience design. Works with students online and in person across 15 campuses in 4 continents.

Hackbright Academy

A software engineering school for women with a mission to increase female representation in technology through education, mentorship and community. Offers a 12-week accelerated software engineering fellowship and part-time courses.


A short-term immersive “web development bootcamp” that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers. To date, the program has graduated more than 1,900 students who work on development teams all over the world.

Lesbians Who Tech Summit

A community of queer women in all sectors of the tech industry and their allies. Provides a platform to raise awareness of the work being done by LGBT members of the tech community, including an annual conference.

Women Techmakers

Virtual organization created by Google to facilitate discussions with thought leaders, technical workshops, design sprints, networking opportunities across the globe.


Women in Technology International (WITI) is committed to helping women advance by providing access to - and support from - other professional women working in all sectors of technology. Organizes events, webinars and conferences and has communities for professional women and students.

Tech Women

A 5-week mentorship and exchange program that connects women in STEM from Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East to mentors in the U.S.


Offers free hands-on workshops and online support to mums in the U.K. to give them the confidence, skills and inspiration they need to take part in the digital revolution. Started by Dr. Sue Black.

Tech Inclusion

Tech Inclusion is an official initiative of Change Catalyst (, an organization committed to inclusive innovation. The organization runs conferences to bring the tech community together to discuss solutions to diversity and inclusion challenges across the tech ecosystem, from the education pipeline to the workplace to policy and advocacy and entrepreneurship.


A member-driven organization that aspires to a world where all nonprofit organizations skillfully and confidently use technology to meet community needs and fulfill their missions. It’s lead by Women Who Tech advisory committee member Holly Ross.

National Women of Color Technology Conference

The conference recognizes the significant accomplishments of minority women in the digital world, and attracts and leverages talent in innovative, professional, and technical positions.


The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is a non-profit community of over 600 prominent corporations, academic institutions and government organizations that seeks to increase the number of women working in computing and technology. NCWIT primarily offers resources for "change leaders" who influence the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in IT. Programs include Pacesetters, which helps organizations quickly increase their number of women technicians, and Counselors for Computing, which provides school counselors with information and resources they can use to guide students toward education and careers in computing.

Lean In

A nonprofit organization and online community dedicated to helping women achieve their ambitions. Started by Sheryl Sandberg.

Levo League

A professional network that facilitates mentorships for young women and offers resources to help graduates plan and navigate the first 10 to 15 years of their careers.

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

The largest annual conference for women technologists across the world. It is produced by the Anita Borg Institute.

Global Tech Women

Provides role models and resources to address the personal and professional needs of technical women, through webcasts, book clubs and conferences.

Girl Develop IT

An organization, certified by the Board of Education, that exists to provide affordable and accessible programs to women who want to learn how to code.


Workshops and events that help women build their leadership skills and tackle the challenges they face in their jobs.

Black Girls Code

Devoted to showing the world that black girls can code, and do so much more. By reaching out to the community through workshops and after school programs, Black Girls CODE introduces computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities in various programming languages.

Athena Center for Leadership Studies, Barnard College

Provides resources, research & advocacy to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs.

Anita Borg Institute

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Anita Borg, ABI's mission is to help women in computing reach their career goals by providing opportunities to learn and network with other women in tech. ABI organizes the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, which is the world's largest technical conference for women in computing. @anitaborg_org

Greycroft Partners

Invests in early-stage Internet and technology companies; 9 percent—portion of portfolio made up of female-founded startups.

ff Venture Capital

Focuses on the technology sector; 17 percent—portion of portfolio made up of female-founded startups.


Early stage investment fund that focuses on disruptive technology in business; 19 percent—portion of portfolio made up of female-founded startups.

Lerer Ventures

Invests in early-stage technology companies; 5 percent—portion of portfolio made up of female-founded startups.