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Party Like a Geek Girl!

Sam & Heather signing books

Watch out, Silicon Valley, the Geek Girls are here!

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate the launch of our new book, Geek Girl Rising, than last night’s gathering of friends, family and “geek girls” from across the country at Manhattan’s Civic Hall.

Good Housekeeping Editor-in-Chief Jane Francisco led us in a lively fireside chat, where we discussed the rise of the “sisterhood” in the tech industry and the grassroots movement of women blazing a trail through the male-dominated startup world.

Good Housekeeping Editor-in-Chief Jane Francisco with Heather & Sam

We were thrilled to have a number of the “geek girls” featured in the book with us to raise a glass, including Bea Arthur, founder of In Your Corner, Ayna Agarwal, founder of she++, Stanford University’s women in tech group, Adda Birnir, founder and CEO of SkillCrush, Nicole Messier, founder and CEO of Blink Blink, and BBG Ventures founder and partner, Susan Lyne. Check out our gallery of photos from the evening here.

Thank you to our event sponsors, Good Housekeeping magazine, Perkins Coie, Civic Hall, and Francis Coppola Winery for donating its wonderful new Sofia Rose sparkling wine.

Sam, Heather & the team from St. Martin’s Press

If you’re wondering how you, too, can join the digital revolution, start by buying a copy of Geek Girl Rising and posting a review on Amazon.

In sisterhood,

Sam and Heather


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